Running from God

In 1996, God called me to ministry. And one of the avenues He showed that I would minister through is writing. I wasn’t successful in my initial attempts, so I ran from the process. My writing was my purpose. And because of my failed attempts, I didn’t want any part of it. So instead, I ran to corporate America and forgot about the writing. But God wasn’t through with me.

I secured a corporate sales job and quickly became a top producer. Twelve years later, I managed $45 million in revenue and generated twice as much sales. I was successful but not satisfied. I knew something was missing. There had to be more.

After a layoff, I left corporate America and started a dessert catering company. This venture ignited my passion for entrepreneurship and opened the door for me to mentor and consult business owners, teach entrepreneurial workshops and explore new business opportunities. I loved what I was doing.


In 2010, God told me to let my business go and pursue writing. Something I should have done 14 years prior. I was devastated. I knew I was called to write, but I was still intimidated by the process. However, I knew it was time.

FEARFUL: “I wasn’t fearless. I was fearful. I was running from what I knew God called me to- my purpose, writing.”

When I said yes to writing, things began to change. I was recruited by a friend to write a weekly column as a featured author. During those two years, I fell in love with the writing process. I discovered my writing style and my voice. My work was featured in Huffington Post, ABC, NBC, Jet Magazine, & Radio One, to name a few. This experience gave me the confidence to publish four books. And I’m currently working on my first novel. When I embraced my purpose, I fell in love with the very thing I was running from.



After running from my purpose for so long, I discovered I was not alone. God used all my experiences (Romans 8:28) to help others pursue their entrepreneurial purpose-driven call via my courses, real estate, and being a resource.

Courses: I created the Reinventing You Coaching Program, a three-series training course that focuses on helping you rediscover your desires, reconnect with your purpose and build your business brand.

Real Estate- as a licensed commercial real estate advisor, I help business owners expand their businesses

into commercial spaces.

Resources: my podcast Branded with Judi Mason, workshops, and live events equip entrepreneurs with

the tools they need to succeed in their purpose-driven endeavors.

I’m happy to say I’ve helped many incredible entrepreneurs (like you) gain clarity and direction to increase their income, accelerate their purpose-driven brand, and turn their purpose into a profitable passion. There is no greater joy and satisfaction than walking in your God-ordained purpose.

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