At the end of each of my books, I direct the reader to this page. In an effort to share a little more about my faith. I am a Christian and a lot of times people aren’t exactly sure what Christianity means. In an effort to offer clarity, I’ve taken the liberty to briefly explain the Christian faith below and I hope it will give more insight into our beliefs.

As a Christian, I have confessed Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. This act is often referred to as being born again, being saved or salvation; these terms are often intertwined, but they mean the same thing. As Christians, we believe that we have been saved from the guilt and shame of sin through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I am not only saved from sin, but I have a personal relationship with God which is cultivated by:

  • Spending time reading the bible, which is also called the Word of God.
  • Spending time in prayer which is a form of communicating and talking to God.
  • Spending time loving on God which is called praise and worship; an act where we praise Him for His goodness and thank Him for His love.

God is love, and He wants His love spread throughout the world. I believe we all have a part to play in spreading the love of Christ and that is accomplished in our daily walk and in fulfilling our God-ordained purpose. I share God’s love by helping people to become their best self and empowering others to do the same. I also spread His love by sharing my Christian faith.

If you are interested in learning more about the Christian faith below you will find several links to wonderful ministries. If you are unable to find the answers that you seek on these sites; feel free to send me an email with your contact information detailing your questions or concerns and I will research the information and respond accordingly.

Thank you for connecting with me. I pray that you may come to know the pure love of Jesus Christ.

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