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As a freelance writer, Judi Mason develops content in a brand prescribed voice increasing the income, impact, and influence of her client’s content. Judi’s work has been recognized by national and international audiences via a variety of outlets, reaching over 39 markets, 65K subscribers, and 500K monthly followers, with an average of 75K monthly views. Judi’s work has been featured in the Huffington Post, ABC, NBC, Jet Magazine, and Black & Married with Kids, to name a few. Below are a few additional outlets which featured Judi’s work.


Judi is an interactive speaker who works directly with her audience to help them gain clarity and create strategic action plans towards achieving their goals. Each year, Judi addresses a number of diverse audiences regarding personal, spiritual and business development topics.  Always delivering actionable items, which enable attendees to succeed in their personal and professional development.

While her presentations are customized for every audience, Judi specializes in five main topics:

Purpose Pursuit
What is my purpose and how do I pursue it?  In this talk, Judi helps the audience remove the mystery out of this age-old question. By creating strategic action plans which will allow them to discover, fulfill and monetize their purpose pursuit.

Thrive in Your Greatness: Create & Live Your Abundant Life NOW

Jesus said I’ve come that you may have life and have it more abundantly but so many people are living the exact opposite. In this talk, Judi helps you identify and defeat the obstacles which are holding you back; while simultaneously creating obtainable actions steps to reach your goal.

Spark Entrepreneurial Greatness: Launch & Grow Your Business
The market crash in 2008 was a harsh wake-up call that forced Americans to realize that we are responsible for our opportunities and financial independence. During this talk, Judi equips the audience with foundational entrepreneurial strategies which they can implement immediately to develop and grow their business.

Flip Your Life: 5 Steps to Reinvent You
Ready for a reinvention but not sure where to begin? In this talk, Judi takes the audience on a reinvention journey, filled with anecdotes and applicable strategies to empower you to rediscover your authentic self, embrace your greatness, and confidently live life on your terms.

Relationship 101
From the boardroom to the bedroom, relationships are an integral part of our lives. In this introspective talk, Judi helps the audience set the necessary boundaries to create the professional and personal relationships they desire.

Faith-Based Topics

Identity & The Power of the Believer
Mastering Your Purpose Driven Life
The Power of Prayer
Spiritual Entrepreneurship