To Empower Others

 Today I am a published author, speaker and entrepreneur, however, surprisingly writing wasn’t my first love; baking held that title. Although, many have been impacted by my work, my writing career almost didn’t happen. 

My Story

In 1996, I heard God clearly say that I was a writer. However, I was overwhelmed by the process. I lived in Los Angeles at the time, so I automatically assumed that I was supposed to write a screenplay. After researching screenplay writing, I was overwhelmed. It was all too technical for me, and I quickly abandoned my writing pursuit. For 15 years I worked as a sales & marketing executive for several Fortune 500 companies. I was responsible for managing over $25 million in annual revenue and generating twice as much in sales. I was successful but not satisfied; something was missing.

“I wasn’t fearless. I was fearful. I was running from what I knew God called me to do- my purpose.”

After a layoff, I left corporate America and started a dessert catering company. This venture not only ignited my passion for entrepreneurship but opened the door for me to mentor new and existing business owners, teach business seminars and explore new business opportunities. I was in heaven. I loved what I was doing, and then God told me to let it go and pursue writing. I was devastated.

Little did I know that during that same timeframe, a friend who was a managing editor for an online magazine was in need of writers. This was a divine set-up. She recruited me for a weekly column and for 2 years, I was a featured author. This experience allowed me to discover my writing style and my writing voice. Because of that opportunity, I gained more confidence, and today I am a publisher and content creator. My work has been featured in Huffington Post, ABC, NBC, Jet Magazine, & Radio One to name a few.  In addition, I’ve published three bestselling books under the Chronicle Series umbrella, and three eBooks to date. I’ve also created material for coaching, training, and workshops. It’s hard to believe that what I initially feared, I now love to do. Now, I am able to help others thrive.

After running from my calling for so long, I discovered I was not alone. In an effort to help others, I created the Reinvent You Movement. An organization dedicated to equipping individuals to embrace, purse and monetize (if applicable) their purpose-driven call. And for those in need of additional direction, I offer one on one strategy sessions, where we design a blueprint to help them achieve their goals.

My desire is to annihilate fear by equipping individuals to pursue their call and succeed. There is no greater joy and satisfaction than walking in your God-ordained purpose!

Let me know how I can help you maximize your potential and monetize your purpose!